commissioned works

Imagine the satisfaction of commissioning your very own artwork to complement your personal
colour preferences and size requirements. The result is a major focal point which not only ties the room together,
it also looks as if you've chanced upon a 'happy find' that magically works in with the surrounding elements.

Choose from any paintings on the website, which will be changed slightly to maintain the integrity of your
artwork as an original. Alternatively you may wish to create your own composition and colour selections,
however the end result will always be at the hand of the artist due to the very nature of the painting process.

Prices for 'Poppy Series' commissioned works are:
$795 60x90cm canvas
$895 80x100cm canvas
$995 95x120m canvas
$1195 100x150cm canvas
$1295 120x180cm canvas
Long Rectangular:
$895 60x120cm canvas
$995 60x150cm canvas
$1095 60x180cm
$1195 90x180cm
$550 3 @ 90x30cm canvas
$650 3 @ 90x45cm canvas
$750 3 @ 90x60cm canvas
$550 60x60cm canvas
$595 90x90cm canvas

Each painting comes with a valuation certificate, is varnished and has a high tensile nylon string verso
ready to hang – all you need do is arm yourself with a tape measure and hooks!
Only one third deposit is required to proceed. Allow 4-5 weeks to complete your painting from time of receiving the deposit.
You may pay by amex/visa/mcard over the phone, or by bank transfer.
Simply email to inquire:
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